About Laffan Pipes Factory

Laffan Pipes Factory (LPF) was established in Qatar 2019 as the first and leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality double wall HDPE corrugated pipes with ribbed injection molding fitting, which are widely used for sewage and storm water.

We are a sister company of Doha Precast Factory (DPF), a company specialized in the production of concrete pipes and manholes of various sizes. Additionally, we are a sister company with Doha Waterproof Factory, a company specialized in the manufacturing of High Density Polyethylene sheets.

HDPE Corrugated Piping system is designed for:

  • Sanitary sewer and household effluent water piping
  • Secondary and urban collection network
  • Rainwater collection piping
  • Industrial effluent water piping
  • Gravity water flow
  • Cable Duct pipes