Laffan Pipes Factory



Clients have the option of transporting the products themselves or requesting the service through LPF. We partner with the nation’s experts in heavy transportation and take every precaution in handling. Loading and transporting our products safely and undamaged to the project site.

  • Each shipment must be blocked and securely fastened to avoid damages during transportation.
  • Unloading at site must be controlled by client representative following LPF’s instructions.
  • Care should be given to avoid damages, especially to the sockets.
  • Offloading should be executed using only appropriate lifting equipment.
  • Nylon slings are recommended and should be used around the pipe (never through it).
  • Pipes should be stacked on timber, placed on even ground.
  • Pipe bottoms must be securely chocked at both ends using suitable timber wedges.
  • Rubber gaskets should be kept clean and away from oil, grease, excessive heat and out of the direct rays of the sun.


Depending on client’s needs, DPF offers following training that ensures optimal installation of pipe systems and manholes, minimizing execution time and maximizing life of products.

  • On-Site testing.
  • Joining / Repairing.
  • Supply and apply Pipe Fittings
  • Installation Procedures